Proficiency Requirements

An essential part of the Fern the Prairie Modelers (FPM) safety program is a requirement for those club members wishing to use the club field, without the assistance of an FPM designated instructor pilot, to demonstrate a minimum level of knowledge and skill in the operation of a model airplane. To guide the implementation of this important part of the safety program, the following pilot categories and proficiency requirements have been established:


Student Pilot

FPM pilots who do not yet have sufficient skill and experience to safely operate their models without help and supervision.


FPM pilots who have demonstrated to an FPM designated instructor that they can operate their model safely and without supervision.

Instructor Pilot

FPM club members who have been designated and approved by FPM club officers to assist student pilots in acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to meet the FPM proficiency requirements.

FPM Pilot Qualifications Standards

Knowledge and Understanding

AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code
Frequency control FPM special field rules
Flight line etiquette
Emergency procedures (dead engine, radio problems, landing priorities, etc.)
Airplane characteristics, engine operation, control system sufficient to recognize and correct common problems

Demonstrated Proficiency

Safely start and launch airplane
Fly parallel with the runway in both directions
Make left and right hand turns
Safely land model, exit the runway and turn off engine

Once an FPM student pilot has satisfactorily demonstrated to a designated instructor that they can meet the club proficiency requirements, the instructor will issue a green FPM sticker for their AMA membership card categorizing them as an FPM pilot. They may then operate a model airplane at the club field on a solo basis.