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Fern Prairie Modelers (FPM) is a model airplane club chartered by the internationally recognized national modeling organization, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The club is open to anyone with an interest in model aviation.

The club was founded around 1981 with a loose association of five charter members flying at a site that is now Grove Field in Camas. By February 1982, the membership had doubled and within a year became an AMA chartered club with 19 members. Currently, the club has over 75 members.

Visitors are always welcome at the general membership meeting held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. The meetings are held at the Camas Community Center at 1718 SE 7th, Camas, Washington.

Our current flying site is located in North Bonneville and is made possible through our partnership with the Port of Skamania County. All improvements and facilities were installed by club members and we take great pride in serving as an asset to the community.

Most of our members are interested in radio controlled sport model airplanes, however, there are also members interested in other areas of model aviation. These include scale models, gliders, helicopters, pylon racers, drones, control line and free flight modeling.

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The RC aircraft field in North Bonneville, Washington, is a well-maintained flying site managed by the Fern Prairie Modelers club. This club, chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), welcomes anyone with an interest in model aviation.

The flying site is a result of a partnership with the Port of Skamania County and features improvements and facilities installed by the club members. It serves as a community asset and caters to various interests within model aviation, including radio-controlled sport model airplanes, scale models, gliders, helicopters, pylon racers, control line, and free flight modeling

After joining FPM I found a strong sense of community with members who not only enjoy the flying, but also the social aspect. This goes deeper than flying at the field. Members help each other outside of the club also. It might be model related or just life related. Joining the club not only brought me fun with planes, but also introduced me to many wonderful people and many new great friends.
James Boughen
Member Since 2017