Fern Prairie Modelers

A Model Airplane Club chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics – PO Box 543, Camas, WA 98607 – www.fpmc.org



Attendance: Officers and Directors present: Chris Childers, Frank Stooks, James Boughen, Matt Winit,
Fred Elliiott. General attendance per attached sign in roster. Total attendance 17 members.
Frank Stooks: President: Called the meeting to order at 7 PM and requested approval of the
November general meeting minutes as the January meeting was cancelled due to a power outage.
Motion, 2nd and voted to accept minutes. No Guests present.
James Boughen : Safety Officer:

  • Retrieving planes use care when using ladders.
  • New field, be aware of the boundaries of the field. Use a familiar plane that you are
    comfortable with for the first flights at the field. Landings are different from the prior fields we have had.

Finance and Business

Chris Childers: Treasurer: Reported on the financial status of the club. Three new members since a week ago.
James Boughen – Vice President:
Ed Bailiff-Secretary:

  • 18 Members have renewed
  • Fred Elliott and Matt Winit resigned from the Board, current board accepted their
    request. Fred encouraged the club to get some board members from the Hood River,
    Dalles areas. Ed will have to submit a revised Board report with State of WA.
    Old Business:
    • Frank reviewed the Board meeting discussions about the goals of the coming year
    concerning the new field. See Board minutes of January board meeting.
    • Earl: Level Field still in progress, weather and equipment issues have hindered Tom from
    completing the work.
    • Earl: Locks are all corroded, so Earl is to clean and lube them.
    • Earl: Work part will be needed when leveling is done.
    • Frank ordered and received two windsocks. Still researching good poles.
    • Ed: Signs are ready to get printed on light metal. Safety and Field postings Then mounting
    will have to be done.
    • Earl: Working on camera and weather station.
    • McMinnville swap meet in March
    • Redmond Swap Meet in April
    • Indoor flying has good cross club culture going at Meadow Glade
    • Sig is back in operation per Don Naylor
  • Show and Tell:

  • Ed Bailiff: Canard plans from AMA, his cousin Tim Bailiff
    • Jim Hathaway: T-24 Trainer conversion to electric
    • Don, Fransisco Naylor: Beech 18 electric and modifications
    • Earl Aune: ME 110 for scalemasters this year. Electric, brought out of the
    mothballs to finish this year.
    • Jerry Holcomb: Glider, retracting motor and landing wheel, modifications to
    stiffen components and his techniques.
    Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Ed Bailiff, Secretary

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